Travel Coaches 2013/2014

04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) Tommy Berry Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
03 Girls (U11) Michael Nosofsky ISL 3rd Div
02 Girls Red (U12) Jeff Thomas ISL 2nd or 3rd
02 Girls White (U12) Victor Bongard ISL 4th
01 Girls Red (U13) Adam Price ISL 1st or 2nd
00 Girls Red (U14) Katy Phillips ISL 2nd
99 Girls Red (U15) Kyle Roach ISL 1st or 2nd
97/98 Girls Red (U17) or U18 Katy Phillips ISL 1st or 2nd

*If player numbers permit

04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) Tommy Berry Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) Chuy Vidaurri Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
03 Boys Red (U11) Harvard Vine ISL 2nd
03 Boys White (U11) Don Madvig ISL 3rd or 4th
02 Boys Red (U12) Kevin Sparks ISL 2nd
02 Boys White (U12) Shawn Berlinger ISL 4th
01 Boys Red (U13) Victor Kaposonore ISL 1st or Premiere
01 Boys White (U13) Corbin Calvert ISL 3rd
00 Boys Red (U14) Don Madvig ISL Premiere
00 Boys White (U14) Michael Nosofsky ISL 2nd or 3rd
99 Boys (U15) Kyle Roach TBA
98 Boys Red (U16) Victor Kaposonore ISL 1st
98 Boys White (U16) TBA ISL 3rd
97 Boys Red (U17) Harvard Vine ISL 1st or Premiere
97 Boys White (U17/U18) Carl Salzmann ISL 2nd
96 Boys Red (U18) Kevin Sparks ISL 1st or Premiere

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Cutters Coaching Staff

The Cutters Soccer Club takes pride in having one of the top coaching staff’s in the state of Indiana. The club’s priority is to bring in coaches that understand the importance of player development as well as youth development and who value long term participation from all their players. Coaches are required to hold a coaching license through either the NSCAA or USSF coaching schools and 11 hold a “C” equivalent or higher. These schools provide guidelines and methodology for age appropriate training and development. The current coaching staff consists of 7 former or current college coaches, 3 IYSA Coach of the Year award winners and 6 local high school coaches. Several of the current coaches are former Cutter players and 16 of the coaches played college soccer. Please click through their photos below and discover for yourself what a wonderful staff the club is so fortunate to have assembled.

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Tom Berry – Director of Coaching & Player Development

Tom Berry - Director of Coaching

Tom Berry grew up playing and learning the game of soccer in the early stages of the Bloomington soccer scene that is known today as the Cutters Soccer Club.  Tom’s understanding of the community and the history of Bloomington soccer make him uniquely suited to assist the club in their pursuit of creating an environment where every player may develop a passion for the game while fulfilling their potential as soccer players and young people. As a youth player, Tom was a member of the Indiana state ODP team and played college soccer at Indiana University.

In 2006 Tom was named the Indiana Youth Soccer Association’s Director of Coaching of the year.  He was again a finalist for the award for 2010 and 2011. In the winter and summer, Tom owns and operates the Bloomington United Soccer School ( which is an indoor soccer facility that many of the Cutters and surrounding area players utilize for their enjoyment and improvement in the off-season.  Tom holds an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, a USSF National Youth License and the NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma.

Why I coach youth soccer: I find that the relationships you build with the players are truly one of the most enjoyable aspects of coaching soccer.  It provides me a unique connection to the community that is very enriching and allows me to share the sport that I love.  My goals for the club’s players goes beyond just helping them reach the pinnacle of their given abilities.  Soccer has much more to give well after their youth soccer days are past that will benefit them immeasurably.  Tolerance to adversity, sportsmanship, confidence and creativity are just a few of the characteristics that I feel have been enhanced due to my participation in soccer.  I hope the club’s players receive similar benefits and participate in the sport in some manner for a lifetime.

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Coach Victor Kaposonore

Victor Kaposonore - 99 Boys Red

Originally from Zimbabwe, coach Victor came to Bloomington in the 1990s  to attend Indiana Univeristy.  He began coaching for the club his junior year at IU in 1999 and has coached a wide range of age groups from U9-U18.  From 1999-2000, Victor was the JV coach for the BHSN Boys soccer team.   He rejoined the North coaching staff as an assistant/JV coach in 2005 and became the head coach for Bloomington North in 2008 (to present).  In 2012, Victor was a finalist for the Indiana Youth Soccer Association’s “Youth Travel Coach of the Year” award.    Victor holds the NSCAA National Diploma, USSF National Youth License, & USSF “D” License.

Why I coach youth soccer: Soccer is a huge passion for me and some of my fondest memories from childhood are from playing, whether with neighborhood friends, club and school teams or semi-professionally. Growing up in Zimbabwe, soccer was the number one sport and everyone wanted to play and emulate their heroes they saw at the stadiums and on TV. I want to pass that passion on to the young players I have the privilege to work with and coaching is a small way of saying thank you to the game that has brought me so much joy.

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Coach Don Madvig

Don Madvig - 93 Red, 97 Red, 98 Girls

Don Madvig is a long time member of the Cutters Soccer Club and brings 27 years of coaching experience to the club’s staff.   Don is originally from Illinois where he spent 4 seasons as the head coach for Monmouth College (IL) in the 1980s.  After relocating to Bloomington in 1990, Don coached the Bloomington North High School team and for the Cutters Soccer Club before joining Indiana University’s soccer staff as an assistant for the both the men’s and women’s programs.   (Assistant Coach, Indiana University Women’s Team, 1994 – 2002; Assistant Coach, Indiana University Men’s Team, 1994 1995).  In 2005, Don was named Indiana Youth Soccer Coach of the Year by the Indiana Youth Soccer Association.and is a member of the Cutters Soccer Hall of Fame.  Don Holds the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma.

Don has been coaching the Cutters 93 Boys age group with coach Terry Phelps since they were U11.  Don has been instrumental in creating a high rate of retention of his players in the 93 boys age group.  Don and Terry’s efforts have truly achieved the club’s mission of developing their players passion for the game while fulfilling their potential as soccer players and young people.

Don’s 93 Red team has reached the final 4 of the State Cup and qualified to participate in the Midwest Regional League each of the last three seasons.

Coach Madvig will be coaching the 98 girls, 97 boys red and 93 boys red for 2009/2010 seasons.

Why I coach youth soccer: I coach soccer because I love the sport.  It’s helped shape me as an athlete, a team member and a coach.  It has affected the type of person I am in everyday life as well.  As a result, I want the chance to give back to the sport some of what it has given me.

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