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Community Soccer Week 6 (Oct. 27 & 29)

This week we will conclude Community Soccer. We will have regular practices on Monday night with a focus on goal scoring. The practice plans for Monday are below: Week 6:_U-8 — goal scoring Week 6: U-10 and U-12 — goal scoring Week 6: U-14 — goal scoring On Wednesday night, all U-8 and older teams…

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Community Soccer Week 5 (Oct. 20 & 22)

If the weather holds and the fields are open, we will focus on possession this week. For the younger players, we talk about cooperating with each other. For the older age groups, we discuss keeping (possessing) the ball by making good decisions with passes and moving to get in the best position to receive a…

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Community Soccer Week 4 (Sept. 29 & Oct. 1)

This week we will focus on passing skills (we will switch to passing in relation to team possession next week). The practice plans are available below Week 4: U-8 — passing Week 4: U-10 and U-12 passing Week 4: U-14 passing Wednesday night plan: Week 4: U-10 through U-14: more passing

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Community Soccer Week 3 (Sept. 22 & 24)

The topic this week is defending. We have a few videos for your review in the practice plans. We believe these videos will demonstrate the coaching points we are covering this week: Video: Fast to Slow, Sideways and Low (see Video: Second defender (see Practice plans for Monday, Sept. 22: Week 3: U-8…

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Community Soccer Week 2 (Sept. 15)

We will emphasize dribbling concepts for Week 2. We want the players to be comfortable with the ball, to protect it and to be creative with the moves they use to beat a defender. Practice plans: Week 2: U-8 — Creative Dribbling Week 2: U-10 and 12 Creative Dribbling Week 2: U-14 — Creative Dribbling

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