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Community Soccer May 20 Practice Plan

Hello everyone!

We are trying a few new activities for Community Soccer teams on Wednesday night. These activities should keep the players moving and thinking, all while having a good time. Each activity for Wednesday includes a goal-scoring component. We will work on goal scoring skills at our next Monday practice.

We also allotted 30 minutes for the scrimmage time.

Week 7_U-10 through U-14 going to goal

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Community Soccer May 18 Practice Plans

The U-8 age group will work on defending using the practice plan from last week: Week 7_U-8 — defending

The U-10s through U-14s will work on both heading the ball and goalkeeping: Week 7_U-10 through U-14 heading and goalkeeping

We understand some children may be intimidated by heading the ball. If they learn the proper technique at these age groups, they will gain confidence and will be less likely to get hurt in the long run.

Reminder: there will be games on Saturday, May 23, but no practice on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25.

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Community Soccer May 11 Practice Plans

This week the U-8s will work on defending and the U-10s and older will work on more team play and possession (with a bit of goal scoring).

Although it’s difficult to know the accuracy of the current weather forecast, please check the Karst Hotline at 812-349-2126, before heading to the fields. We will notify everyone of any weather-related practice changes via notifications as well.

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Community Soccer May 4 & 6 Practice Plans

This week we will focus on cooperating and possession for all age groups. The temperatures are forecast to rise this week, so please make sure the players get plenty of water breaks as well.

Monday, May 4 practice plans:


Wednesday, May 6 for U-10 and older age groups: Week 5_U-10 through U-14 more possession & passing


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Community Soccer April 27 & 29 Practice Plans

Hello everyone!

We are looking forward to a full week of soccer!

This week, our topic for all age groups will be passing. Please focus on technique for passing and receiving, as well as preparation (mental and physical) for the next pass.

Practice plans for Monday:


On Wednesday night, the U-10s through U-14s will continue to work on their passing skills:

Week 4_U-10 through U-14 more passing

Please ask the age group coordinators if you have any questions about any of the practice plan topics.

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