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Community Soccer October 5th and 7th Practice Plan

Hey all,

It looks like fall has finally arrived!

This week, the U8 boys and girls will be working on defending. Remember, that it is fall break week in Monroe County. If you have small numbers, combined with another team.

U-8 Practice Plan: Week5_U-8 — defending

On Monday, the U10s, U12, and U14s will be working on passing to space.

Practice Plan: Week5_U-10 and U-12 and U-14 Passing into Space

On Wednesday, October 7th, the U10s, u12s, and U14s will have a “free day”. This will be a day for coaches to work on specific areas of the game and play various games such as World Cup and Knock out.

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Community Soccer September 28th and 30th Practice Plans

We have reached the first full week of fall! I hope everyone is enjoying the season!

This week, the U-8 Age Group will be working on possession cooperation. The practice plan will focus on proper passing technique and getting open for their teammates.

U-8 Practice Plan – Week4_U-8

For the U10s, U12s and U14s, they will be working on defending. On Monday we will be begin to work on defending and will reinforce those skills on Wednesday.

Note: The Bloomington South Girl’s Soccer Team will be at practice on Wednesday, September 30th to work with the U10 and U12 Girl’s teams. 

Monday Practice Plan:

U-10/12 Practice Plan – Week4_U-10 and U-12 — defending

U-14 Practice Plan – Week4_U-14 — defending

Wednesday Practice Plan

All Age Groups – Week4_U-10 through U-14 more defending



See everyone at the fields this week!

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Community Soccer September 21th and 23rd Practice Plan

Hello everyone!

We are looking forward to a full week of soccer!

There will be two different sets of practice plans for the the U10, U12, and U14s. The U8s this week will be participating in the Make Your Own Ball Day. More information can be found here: Make Your Own Ball Day. This will take the majority of the U-8 practices. If time permits, the teams will scrimmage themselves.

Also, this Monday it will be picture day for the U10s and U12s! Please wear your jersey to practice.

This week, our topic for all age groups will be passing. Please focus on technique for passing and receiving, as well as preparation (mental and physical) for the next pass.

Practice plans for Monday:

On Wednesday night, the U-10s through U-14s will continue to work on their passing skills:

Week3_U-10 through U-14 more passing

Please ask the age group coordinators if you have any questions about any of the practice plan topics.


See everyone this week!

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Community Soccer September 16th Practice Plan

Hey all,


Tomorrow we will begin to work on passing. It looks like it will be another great night for soccer!


Practice Plan: Week2_U-10 through U-14 passing


See everyone then!


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Community Soccer September 14th Practice Plan

I hope everyone enjoyed their first game. Today, we will be working on creative dribbling. The age group coordinator will go through the Fast Footwork Moves. Check out this video to have a better idea of what those moves are prior to practice.

Below are each groups practice plans for each age group

U-8 –Week2_U-8 — Creative Dribbling

U-10/12 – Week2_U-10 and 12 Creative dribbling

U-14 –Week2_U-14 Creative dribbling

See you Monday!

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