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Community Soccer April 25th and 27th Practice Plans

Hello all,

This week we will be working on passing. Below are the practice plans for each age group.


U8: Week3_U-8 — passing

U10/12: Week4_U-10 and U-12 passing

U14: Week4_U-14 passing


Week4_U-10 through U-14 more passing


See everyone tomorrow night!

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Community Soccer April 18th and 20th Practice Plans

It is going to be a great week of soccer at Karst Park! The weather has finally turned to spring!

The U-8 age group will use last weeks practice plan that is focusing on individual skills with creative dribbling. The older age groups will work on defending, both as individuals and as a team. The practice plans on defending include some helpful videos to explain the terminology. The Wednesday practice plan will also include defending.

April 18th

Week2_U-8 — Creative Dribbling

Week3_U-10 and U-12 — defending

Week3_U-14 — defending

April 20th

Week3 U-10 through U-14.Wednesday.defending





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Community Soccer April 11th and April 13th Practice Plan

Hey Folks,

This week will we will be working on dribbling at all age groups. For the U10-14 age groups will be reusing the practice plan from last Wednesday (4/6). The weather does not look great for tomorrow, but hopefully we are able to get the session in.

U8: Week2_U-8 — Creative Dribbling

U10-14: Week2_U-10 through U-14 dribbling

For Wednesday: If we do not have our session tomorrow night, we will be using the same practice plan for the U10-14. If we do have our session tomorrow, I would like for each team to use the practice to go over the rules of soccer and scrimmage their practice partner.

See every tomorrow!



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Community Soccer March 30th Practice Plan

Hello all,


Happy Spring! It is finally soccer season! I hope everyone had a great spring break and is ready to get back to soccer. The first practice plan is a getting to know your teammates. Below is the information for each age group as well as the practice plan for tomorrow!

Practice Plan: Week1_U-10 through U-14 — getting to know you

U10 Girls

The session is  6-7 pm. You will be on field 5.

U10 Boys

The session is 6-7 pm. You will be on fields 6 and 7.

U12 Girls 

The session is 7:15-8:15 pm. You will be on field 5.

U12 Boys

The session is 7:15-8:15 pm. You will be on fields 6 and 7.


The session is 7:15-8:15 pm. You will be on fields 9A and 9B.


The session is 6-7 pm. You will be on field 2B on Wednesdays and the U6 fields on Monday. You will play on field 8 for games.


See everyone tomorrow!

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Community Soccer October 26th and 28th Practice Plans

Hey All,

Hard to believe this is our last week of soccer during the fall season. The weather for tomorrow looks great, but there is a chance of rain for Wednesday.

For Monday The Practice Plans are as follows:

U8: Week8_U-8_backyard games

U10/12/14:  Week8_U-10 and U-14

For Wednesday, it will be coaches pick of games. Pick out games or activities we have played throughout the season.

Thanks for a great season!



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