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Community Soccer August 31 Practice Plan

August 31

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is excited for a new soccer season to begin on Monday night! Monday will mark the first night for all age groups.

Our focus in Week 1 is getting to know your teammates. We will then spend the 2nd half of the practice scrimmaging!

with it being the first day, please allow yourself a couple extra minutes to get over to Karst Park.

U-8 Pracitce Plan 2015.08.31 Week 1 U8 Gettingtoknowyou

U10 – U14 Practice Plan 2015.08.31 Week1a U10-U14 Gettingtoknowyou

We look forward to seeing you at Karst!



Labor Day Weekend

There are no games on Saturday, September 5

There is no practice session on Monday, September 7



All levels: Take a look at the Cutters Fast Footwork link (below)! Practice these moves whenever you have free time!

Cutters 11 Fast Footwork Moves




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Community Soccer June 3 Practice Plan

Wednesday, June 3 is our last night of Community Soccer practice for the U-10 and older age groups. We will continue this week’s theme of goal scoring using the following practice plan:

Week 8_U-10 through U-14 goal scoring

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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Community Soccer June 1 Practice Plans

June 1 will be our last Monday night practice of the season. On this night, the travel coaches come to the Community Soccer practices to show the players what a travel practice is like and to answer questions about the travel program.

The topic for the night is goal scoring. Practice plans are as follows:


2015/2016 Player Placement Information

Cutters Soccer Club offers travel opportunities for boys and girls beginning at the U-9 age group. Our U-9/U-10 program is called Junior Cutters and our full travel program starts with U-11 and goes through high school. (See descriptions online at

  •     * Junior Cutters (U-9/U-10) from 6-7:30 p.m. on June 2 at Karst Farm Park fields 9 & 10
  •     * Travel Teams (U-11 and older) on June 8 & 9 at Karst Farm Park

Players can register via the Cutters web site at

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Community Soccer May 20 Practice Plan

Hello everyone!

We are trying a few new activities for Community Soccer teams on Wednesday night. These activities should keep the players moving and thinking, all while having a good time. Each activity for Wednesday includes a goal-scoring component. We will work on goal scoring skills at our next Monday practice.

We also allotted 30 minutes for the scrimmage time.

Week 7_U-10 through U-14 going to goal

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Community Soccer May 18 Practice Plans

The U-8 age group will work on defending using the practice plan from last week: Week 7_U-8 — defending

The U-10s through U-14s will work on both heading the ball and goalkeeping: Week 7_U-10 through U-14 heading and goalkeeping

We understand some children may be intimidated by heading the ball. If they learn the proper technique at these age groups, they will gain confidence and will be less likely to get hurt in the long run.

Reminder: there will be games on Saturday, May 23, but no practice on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25.

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