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Community Soccer October 24th and 26th Practice Plans


What a great Saturday for Kohl’s Cup! It turned out to be an outstanding day of soccer and fun!

This is our last week of the season. The final game of the season will be this Saturday, October 29th.

Practice Plans for the Week:

U8s: This is your last training session of the season. The practice plan is for fun games and activities.

U8s: week8_u-8_backyard-games

U10/12/14s: Reinforce shooting technique on Monday.

U10/12/14s: week8_u-10-through-u-14-goal-scoring

Wednesday: Pick your favorite activities of the season. This will be your last training session.


Thanks for a great a season. Information for the Spring 2017 will be out early next year.



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Community Soccer October 17th and 19th Practice Plans

Hello all,

Is fall ever going to get here? It is supposed to be a beautiful day again tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be working on shooting (See below).

In preparation for Kohl’s Cup, this Wednesday will be an open practice for coaches to work on game play and technique. If you have any questions or need some assistance, please ask your age group coordinator.

Practice Plans:

U8: week7_u-8

U10/12: week7_u-10-and-u-12

U14: week7_u-14


See everyone at the fields!



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Community Soccer October 10th and 12th Practice Plans

Hello all,

The Practice Plans for the U8s will focus on cooperating and spacing. The practice plans for U10s and above will focus on defending.

The weather looks great again for this week.

Monday Practice Plans:

U8: week6_u-8

U10/12: week6_u-10-and-u-12-defending

U14: week6_u-14-defending

Wednesday Practice Plan: week6_u-10-through-u-14-more-defending


See everyone at the fields!


Coach Matt


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Community Soccer October 3rd and 5th Practice Plans

Hello All,

We had another great weekend of games! The weather again looks great for this week. As a note to everyone, as it gets colder throughout the month of October, Karst Park is typically 5-10 degrees cooler. This will come more into play on Saturday mornings.

This week the U8s will be working on defending while the U10s and above work on passing the ball into space. The practice plans are listed below:

U8s: week5_u-8-defending

U10s/U12s/U14s: week5_u-10-and-u-12-and-u-14-passing-into-space

Wednesday: week5_u-10-through-u-14-passing-into-space


See everyone at the fields!



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Community Soccer September 26th and 28th Practice Plans

What a great a weekend of soccer! We could not have asked for better fall (sort of) weather! This week the U8s will be participating in Make Your Own Ball Day. This is always an exciting event! Additional information has been sent out to all coaches and parents late last week!

The U10s to U14s will work passing and spacing this week. Below are the practice plans:

U10s/U12s: week4_u-10-and-u-12

U14s: week4_u-14

Wednesday for all groups: week4_u-10-through-u-14-more-passing

See everyone at the fields this week!

Coach Matt

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