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Player Placements – June 9th & 10th for 2014/15 travel teams

The Cutters Soccer Club will be hosting their annual Player Placements for travel teams on  June 9th & 10th, 2014 at Karst Farm Park for the 2014/2015 seasons. The yearly player placement process allows the club to review our teams and players and make any necessary adjustments so that each player is placed in the best team environment to foster maximum player development.  This is also the opportunity for new players to join the club and participate on the club’s travel teams.

95 Girls Red

Player Placements for each age group will take place either from 5:30-7pm OR 7:15-8:45pm.  You can sign up to attend here.

Karst Field Schedule and Coach assignments:


Age Group Time Field Coach Red Coach White Projected League
04 Girls U11 (8.1.03 to 7.31.04) 7:15-8:45pm 8N TBA ISL 3rd
03 Girls U12 (8.1.02 to 7.31.03) 7:15-8:45pm 8S Mike Nosofsky ISL 2nd or 3rd
02 Girls U13 (8.1.01 to 7.31.02) 7:15-8:45pm 5 Don Madvig TBD ISL 1st or 2nd
01 Girls U14 (8.1.00 to 7.31.01) 5:30-7:00pm 2 Katy Phillips ISL 2nd
00 Girls U15 (8.1.99 to 7.31.00) 7:15-8:45pm 7 TBD TBD
99 Girls U16 (8.1.98 to 7.31.99) 7:15-8:45pm 7 Kyle Roach ISL 1st
97/98 Girls U18 (8.1.96 to 7.31.98) 7:15-8:45pm 2 Katy Phillips ISL 1st
04 Boys U11 (8.1.03 to 7.31.04) 5:30-7:00pm 8S Mike Nosofsky TBA ISL 3rd & 4th
03 Boys U12 (8.1.02 to 7.31.03) 5:30-7:00pm 8N Harvard Vine  Don Madvig ISL 2nd & 4th
02 Boys U13 (8.1.01 to 7.31.02) 7:15-8:45pm 6 Kevin Sparks   Lake Hubbard ISL 1st & ISL 3rd
01 Boys U14 (8.1.00 to 7.31.01) 5:30-7:00pm 1 Vic Kaposonore Corbin Calvert ISL 1st & ISL 3rd
00 Boys U15 (8.1.99 to 7.31.00) 7:15-8:45pm* 9* TBA Havard Vine ISL Prem/1st & ISL 3rd
99 Boys U16 (8.1.98 to 7.31.99) 5:30-7:00pm 7 Kyle Roach David Picioski ISL 1st & ISL 3rd
98 Boys U17 (8.1.97 to 7.31.98) 7:15-8:45pm 1 Vic Kaposonore N/A ISL Prem
97 Boys U18 (8.1.96 to 7.31.97) 5:30-7:00pm 6 Kevin Sparks   Carl Salzmann ISL Prem & 3rd

*updated field & time

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Cutters partners with RMA













Cutters Soccer Club and Meulensteen Academy announce a special partnership


August 6, 2013
Bloomington, Indiana—Cutters Soccer Club is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to partner with Meulensteen Academy.

SportpartnersNL (Netherlands) and Meulensteen Academy (MA) have earned a European-wide, sterling reputation for offering reliable and high quality soccer training services throughout their 14 years of conducting business. Cutters SC is now proud to offer the same expertise to the US market via this partnership with SportpartnersUSA and Meulensteen Academy. The Meulensteen Academy organization presents professional expertise of people working in soccer coaching as well as soccer education.

This partnership allows the Cutters Soccer Club to offer training in the Meulensteen Academy methods, philosophy, and instruction programs. Specifically, Cutters SC will offer the “Moves and Skills” Player Development Curriculum developed by Coach Rene Meulensteen, current Head Coach at Anzhi Makhachkala SC, Russia and long time First Team Coach of Manchester United (2008-2013).

Rene Meulensteen, commonly regarded as one of the best soccer trainers in the world, developed the “Moves & Skills” method to improve the skills of the modern soccer player at any level. The program’s goal is the development of creative, unpredictable, confident, and motivated players. At the center of the “Moves & Skills” method is the ability of a player to master the challenge of various 1v1 situations. (more…)

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Travel Coaches 2013/2014

04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) Tommy Berry Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Girls (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
03 Girls (U11) Michael Nosofsky ISL 3rd Div
02 Girls Red (U12) Jeff Thomas ISL 2nd or 3rd
02 Girls White (U12) Victor Bongard ISL 4th
01 Girls Red (U13) Adam Price ISL 1st or 2nd
00 Girls Red (U14) Katy Phillips ISL 2nd
99 Girls Red (U15) Kyle Roach ISL 1st or 2nd
97/98 Girls Red (U17) or U18 Katy Phillips ISL 1st or 2nd

*If player numbers permit

04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) Tommy Berry Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) Chuy Vidaurri Academy League
04/05 Jr Cutter Boys (U9/U10) TBA Academy League
03 Boys Red (U11) Harvard Vine ISL 2nd
03 Boys White (U11) Don Madvig ISL 3rd or 4th
02 Boys Red (U12) Kevin Sparks ISL 2nd
02 Boys White (U12) Shawn Berlinger ISL 4th
01 Boys Red (U13) Victor Kaposonore ISL 1st or Premiere
01 Boys White (U13) Corbin Calvert ISL 3rd
00 Boys Red (U14) Don Madvig ISL Premiere
00 Boys White (U14) Michael Nosofsky ISL 2nd or 3rd
99 Boys (U15) Kyle Roach TBA
98 Boys Red (U16) Victor Kaposonore ISL 1st
98 Boys White (U16) TBA ISL 3rd
97 Boys Red (U17) Harvard Vine ISL 1st or Premiere
97 Boys White (U17/U18) Carl Salzmann ISL 2nd
96 Boys Red (U18) Kevin Sparks ISL 1st or Premiere

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Jr Cutters U9/U10

U9-U10 Jr Cutters – Jr Cutters is the introduction to travel soccer program intended to transition the club’s youngest players from recreation to the more advanced format of travel soccer.   Jr Cutters is a two year program and all players interested  are accepted as space allows and is intended to be an inclusive program.  One of the goals of the Jr Cutters is to bring similarly interested players together to receive age appropriate training and development overseen by the club’s travel coaching staff.   The program is intended to be FUN and build a passion for the sport of soccer. Skill building and ball control will be a high priority and each player will be encouraged to take risks, solve problems and given the freedom to be creative on the soccer field.

Practice will occur two times per week from August to October in the fall.  In the spring practice will begin following spring break in March and conclude approximately at the end of May.  Optional winter training (Nov-March) at Bloomington United Soccer School ( with Cutters’ Director of Coaching (Tom Berry) is strongly encouraged but not mandatory and is a separate fee from the Cutters Soccer Club tuition.

The Jr. Cutters will participate in the ISL Academy League.  League results are not recorded and are not the objective of the program.  Games are typically played on Saturdays at Karst Farm Park, or at another club within approximately a 70 mile radius of Bloomington.  The league is formatted to play double headers on each game weekend to minimize travel at this age.  Families should anticipate 4-5 Saturdays of participation throughout each season.

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Cutters Travel U11-U14

U11-U14 Cutters Soccer Club – Club soccer is a one year commitment (two seasons, fall & spring). The Fall season begins early/mid August and typically lasts mid to late October or early November.  The Spring season begins the week following the MCCSC spring break and lasts until approximately early June.  Practices are held 2 times per week during both fall and spring seasons and games are most commonly played on weekends. Occasionally, games may be played on weeknights and are usually reschedules from rainouts.  U11-U14 teams typically participate in the ISL, C.I.Y.S.L. or G.I.R.L.S. leagues.

Most of the Cutters travel teams will compete in one to three tournaments during each season. The individual coaches, based on their desire to seek appropriate competition for the individual team, select the tournament(s) with guidance from the Director of Coaching. Tournaments are most often in-state competitions, but sometimes travel outside the state of Indiana is necessary and beneficial to the team’s development.

If your child is invited to join a Cutters Soccer Club travel team and agrees to play, they are accepting a commitment to the club for one year (2 seasons, fall and spring for U9-U14). 100% commitment is required to your fellow teammates and coaches. Players are expected to make a strong effort to attend all practices and games.  It is expected that any conflicts will be communicated with your coaches and managers well in advance so that the impact on the team (e.g., playing with fewer players, being forced to forfeit, etc.) can be minimized and alternative solutions (i.e. club passing) can be explored. Excessive absences may be reflected in reduced playing time or future team placement.  Cutters Soccer Club obviously understands absences due to family/school commitments or sickness/injury.  However, it’s essential that you communicate problems/conflicts to your coach as far in advance as possible.  If a player is not able to make this commitment it is not recommended that he/she accept a roster invitation.

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