2015 Soccer Golf Challenge

The Cutters Soccer Club is excited to be holding our 4th Annual Soccer Golf Challenge on Monday, May 4th at the Bloomington Country Club. This event helps our club raise money for both our Scholarship and Outreach programs. We are awarding approximately $35,000 in scholarships every year, and more than 15% of the children in our club are receiving some financial aid. Additionally, the Outreach Program continues to grow as we partner with more and more organizations. We are providing free programming to hundreds of children in the area, but we need funding to allow for this continued growth.

Each participant in this will go through a grueling 9-5 day filled with soccer golf in the morning and a more traditional golf scramble in the afternoon. It is always a fun, but exhausting day. There will be coaches, board members, parents, and community members taking part in this year’s event. Each participant will have their own fundraising page, and the goal is to raise $1,000 each. If you are interested in participating please sign up below. Thanks!


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