2016/17 Player Placement Signup

2016/2017 Player Placement Information


– Junior Cutters (For birth years 2007 and 2008) from 6-7:30 p.m. on June 7 at Karst Farm Park fields 9 & 10

– Travel Teams (For birth years 1998 – 2006) on June 13 & 14 at Karst Farm Park




*Field assignments and times TBA*

Thank you for your interest in Cutters Soccer travel program. Please note the following:

  • On the day of the event, participants must check in at their birth year age group desk to pick up their identification number.
  • It is highly recommended that players attend both days of player placement for thorough evaluation.
  • All candidates must retain and wear their ID number for BOTH days of player placement.
  • All high school age players (15U-19U) will be considered members of their high school soccer team for the purpose of complying with the IHSAA “six player rule” unless otherwise noted in writing or on their pre-registration.
  • The Head Coach of the age group will conduct Player Placement and additional Cutters staff coaches will assist with the evaluations. Players will be evaluated on their technical, tactical, physical and psychological soccer abilities

Cutters Soccer Club will make every attempt to find a team for every candidate. However, this is not always possible due to roster limitations and the IHSAA 6 player rule.

Notification Process: Candidates will be contacted via email (or phone) no later than Sunday, June 19. Please be prepared to make a decision to accept or decline upon notification as it may affect other players.Player notification times may be staggered to allow for adjustments to teams as responses are collected. If notification has not occurred by midnight on Monday, June 20, please contact the Director of Coaching, Tommy Berry, at busoccer@gmail.com with copy to admin@cutterssoccer.org or 812-333-8010. Please use the following SUBJECT line: No Placement Notification: Your Name.

Team Commitment: All invited players will have 48 hours to accept or decline their roster invitation. To accept the roster invitation players must register through their Got Soccer account by making payment or applying for a scholarship online. An email of acceptance to their coach is also required. If these two requirements are not met within the 48-hour time period, the invitation may be withdrawn and distributed to another player. All 9U-14U players who accept roster invitations are committing to participate on a Cutters Soccer team for one year (the fall 2016 season and the spring 2017 season). All 15U-19U players accepting roster invitations are committing to participate on a Cutters Soccer team for the spring 2017 season. However, practices and games may begin as early as November 2016;

  • The club has the right to hold the player to this one-year commitment upon the signing of a registration form or the payment of the fee or portion thereof.
  • A supplemental tryout may be held again at the conclusion of the high school soccer season in October for 15U-19U teams that still have roster spots available.


Overall Cost: The basic cost breakdown is that Club Tuition fees go toward expenses of all teams in the clubs- field rentals, referees, administration, etc.  Team fees are paid to your team only and go toward activities specific to your team.

1) 2016/2017 Club Tuition TBA

2) Team Fees: These vary by team, depending on team expenses for the activities that your team chooses to participate in. These expenses can include team tournaments, indoor rentals and other activities that apply to your team only. The team fees vary, depending on the age and the number of tournaments, but generally range from $100 to $200, but can be higher for a team that participates in several tournaments. The best way to determine this cost is to speak with the team managers for your age group and ask them what they anticipate for the coming year.

3) Uniforms: New uniforms will not be required for 2016/17.

Refund Policy: If a player resigns from the club, he/she will be responsible for all club fees and charges payable to the date of registration. If a player resigns due to medical reasons that prevent play or a move out of state, then club fees will be refunded on a prorated basis minus a $50 fee. A written request to the Executive Director is required to request any refund.As you evaluate whether this Program is right for your child, and your family, please keep the following objectives of the Cutters Soccer Club in mind: To enable our players to have fun playing competitive soccer in a safe environment while building lifelong passion for the sport.

  • To teach the attributes of good sportsmanship toward teammates, opposing players, coaches and officials.
  • To provide an ongoing program of high quality, expert professional soccer training for the Cutters Soccer Club’s more dedicated and committed youth soccer players so that they can become the best players they are willing to work toward.
  • To provide continuity by requiring each player to fulfill their commitment to the team.
  • To increase the exposure of our oldest competitive soccer players to post youth soccer programs and college coaches.
  • To have a non-profit club soccer program that is financially self-sustaining.

2016/2017 Birth Year Age Groups


2008 – 9U

2007 – 10U

2006 – 11U

2005 – 12U

2004 – 13U

2003 – 14U

2002 – 15U

2001 – 16U

2000 – 17U

1999 – 18U

1998 – 19U

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