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The Cutters Soccer Club is excited to announce our “Bring a Friend” Program for the Fall 2017 Community Soccer season. We feel that in Bloomington, soccer is an important part of its identity. We love seeing the game grow in and around the Bloomington area. This program  will allow both the participant and a friend to receive 20% off for the Fall 2017 season.




  • In order to take advantage of this offer, please answer all questions in registration related to this program. You will pay the regular price up front, and then Cutters will provide a refund prior to the conclusion of the season.


  • The family being referred must not have previously participated with Cutters to be considered eligible.


  • Travel players may refer someone into the Community program, however, the 20% off would be based on the Community rates for their age group. So a travel player would not receive 20% off of the travel fee.


  • A family may refer more than one player to take part in this offer, but the 20% off will only be applied to the referring family one time (unless they have multiple children participating).


  • If you refer someone after you have already registered, please contact the Cutters office. You will still be eligible to be a part of this program.


We hope you take the opportunity to bring someone new into the Cutters family and that they will enjoy the game as much as we do.

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