Juggle Club

Cutters Juggling Club

The Cutters Juggling Club has been established to inspire players to practice on their own, set goals, and improve their technical soccer skills.   


Why Juggle?

A player’s touch and feel for the ball is vital in soccer and juggling is one of the best exercises to learn how the ball reacts to different parts of the foot and body.  Juggling also helps to develop body control, core strength, and balance while providing a good work out.  All that’s required is a ball, a small space, and some determination.  Players that progress through the Cutters Juggling Club Levels will undoubtedly experience improved success in their soccer matches.   Have fun and good luck!



1.  Players may use any body part to count towards their total. However, we encourage the use of both feet as much as possible.  Continue reading about Cutters Juggling Club – New!

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