Scrip Fundraising Program

Do you want to earn cash while making regular household or gift purchases?

You can by joining the Cutters Great Lakes Scrip Program! Scrip is the painless way to raise funds for Cutters Soccer Club. It doesn’t require volunteers and you don’t break or exceed the family’s budget. You simply spend as you normally would, but use Scrip instead of cash or credit cards. Earn discounts on your purchases from GL Scrip retailers by establishing a Scrip account. It just take these 3 easy steps!


  • Go to the Great Lakes Scrip website and open a family account.
  • Monitor your checking account for two small deposits from GL Scrip. Verify the deposits and wait for your approval code.
  • Submit your approval code to the Scrip Program Coordinator and your account will be activated. You are ready to go!!


The Operational Aspects of the Scrip Program are defined in the flowcharts below:


The Purchase Discount is deposited into the Families’ Cutters Account.

Cutters members purchase the retailer gift cards at face value through the Great Lakes Scrip website or through the Cutters Scrip Coordinator. The amount of the purchase discount is then deposited in the Cutters Scrip account. The Cutters Scrip Coordinator then deposits the member’s share into their personal Cutters account. Every purchase is discounted. The value of discount will vary depending upon the retailer and the particular discounts that they may be offering at a given time. Typically, the range is from a low of 2% to as much as 15%. The retailer’s discounts are always displayed at the Great Lakes Scrip website, Please see the comparison in the table for retailer’ discounts of 2% and 5%.

Purchase $s/week $50.00 $50.00 $100.00 $100.00
Scrip Percentage 2% 5% 2% 5%
1 Week $1.00 $2.50 $2.00 $5.00
52 Weeks $52.00 $130.00 $104.00 $260.00
Your Earnings Share for 1 Year – 70% $36.40 $91.00 $72.80 $182.00
Club Earnings Share for 1 Year – 30% $15.60 $39.00 $31.20 $78.00


The Scrip Program has Agreements with over 500 of the Country’s Biggest Brands.
The Great Lakes Scrip Program has agreements with over 500 of the country’s biggest brands and retailers, many of which are in the Bloomington area! Please see the full Scrip Brand List at the following link:



You’ll find cards you can use at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvement stores, and almost any business that accepts gift cards. The Club has established individual agreements with Bloomingfoods, Marsh and Kroger grocery stores.


Retailer Discount Fundraising Coordinators:

Great Lakes Scrip Program Coordinator: Kimberley Martin and Michael Nosofsky

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