Mission, Vision , and Values



Our Mission: The Cutters Soccer Club provides a positive environment while promoting fair play and player development for residents of Monroe County and surrounding communities, encouraging players to develop a passion for the game and to maximize their potential.


Our Vision: To be known for excellence in youth development by fostering teamwork, leadership and life skills through soccer.


Our values:


We believe…


• in being accountable to the players, membership and community.


• that to succeed requires putting forward your best effort.


• that good citizens make good soccer players and members of the community.


• that a healthy competitive spirit is important to the development of our children.


• that the Cutters Soccer Club should strive to maintain diversity in its membership.


• that the Cutters Soccer Club should respect diversity in other teams.


• that our athletes should have fun.


• that health and fitness should be a major component of the Cutters Soccer Club programs and will greatly benefit our players.


• in being an inclusive club that helps underprivileged or otherwise disenfranchised community members participate in our soccer programs.


• in respecting our teammates, coaches, opponents, family and those volunteers and staff that make it possible for our players to participate.


• that our coaches, players and members should participate with good sportsmanship.

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